32 Lessons
Here is the list of lessons which you will be able to access with My Lesson.
Year 6
Whole Numbers
  • Using a Calculator
  • Prime Numbers
  • Numbers Up to Seven Digits
  • Converting Decimals and Fractions of a Million into Whole Numbers and Vice-Versa
  • Problem Solving Involving Mixed Operations and An Unknown Value
  • Multiply between proper fractions
  • Multiply proper fractions by a mixed number
  • Multiply a mixed number by mixed number
  • Division of fractions
  • Word problems on Fractions: Multiply and divide
  • Multiply and divide decimals
  • Percentage in savings and investment
  • Percentage in daily life
  • Cost price, and selling price, loss and profit
  • Profit and Loss Percentage
  • Discount, Bill, rebate and invoice
  • Asset and liability, bonus and service tax
Time and Duration
  • Time Systems
  • Time duration
  • Time Zones
Mass and Volume
  • Length, Mass and Volume I
  • Length, Mass and Volume II
  • Length, Mass and Volume III
Shape and Space
  • Polygons
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Area
  • Solving Problems on the Surface Area and Volume of Three Dimensional Solid
  • Coordinates
Ratio and Proportion
  • Ratios representing two quantities
Data Handling
  • Data Handling
  • Solve Problems Related to Mode, Median, Mean and Range
  • Probability

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