Why Can’t Learning Be Fun?

It’s an age-old stereotype: the teacher drones on at the front of the classroom while the students struggle to stay awake. At the back of the class, some boys are whispering jokes to each other. Nobody is enjoying the class. Everyone knows that learning ¬†things is boring!

But wait… is that really true? As adults, we know that learning new things is one of the simple pleasures of life. It is why we read the news every day. It is why we watch shows about animals on TV. It is why we share fun facts on social media.

So if learning can be fun, why do so many kids think that school is boring? Perhaps the answer lies in the way that the classes are taught. The teacher talks. The students listen. I think there is a better way, and I think that technology holds the key.

By providing exciting videos and animations and allowing the students the freedom to progress at their own pace, I believe we can make learning fun again. For everyone!

Learning Port offers a comprehensive set of learning modules for Year 1 to Form 5.