When your Kid Comes from School Dishevelled

Author: Dolores

Instructional designer
There are funny before-after photos of kids circulating online. They show the effect of the school: kids are neat and smiling in the morning and snappish or tired by the afternoon.
Many things can happen to them. Sometimes they are bullied by their mates, sometimes they have challenging classes or some bad grades.
With a tousled mindset, kids are supposed to sit down and do their homework. However, it won’t be effective if they are not focused or they are full of negative emotions.
We all want our children to be happy and healthy, both in body and mind. We, parents, can help them with methods to recover quickly and to study effectively. Try them on your kids.

First step: calm down

Managing negative emotions is key to successful learning, as they block the mental processes.
Kids’ can handle their anger and stress by using various techniques, like:
  • Take slow and deep breaths for a couple of minutes
  • Slowly count to ten
  • Listen to relaxing noises (sea, rain or breeze, there are tons on YouTube) for ten minutes

 Second step: improve focus and attention

Guided meditation works well for kids. You can find many on YouTube. One of the best is this meditation.  They teach how to become relaxed and focused.

Third step: effective learning

Guided learning with iTextBooks Interactive is a good method to enhance the effectiveness of learning. The multimedia content helps to stay focused, it improves memory and overall motivation.
Use tools and methods which help your kids to become better and more successful learners.