The Importance of Self-Learning

Author: Dolores

Instructional designer
What do you think is the ratio of manual workers versus white-collar workers (qualified professionals) in the world? What is your choice, your plan for the future? Blue-collar or white-collar? You can say, yes, I am fighting for a university place, or no, I am not good enough, I just want to finish primary/secondary school and forget about studying for good.
Think about it again.
The British Education Act in 1944 estimated that the world would need 80% manual workers and 20% professionals. In reality, the ratio was 2 : 1 in the past century in favour of manual workers. However the trend is rapidly changing, now we are talking about the possibility of 20% manual workers and 80% of professionals worldwide. The drivers of the changes are the internet and robotization supported by artificial intelligence. Companies, who want to remain competitive and enhance productivity, employ robotics technologies, substituting manual workers.
What will be left for us to do? No worries, a lot, moreover new roles and jobs emerge day by day. There are fields that are predominantly performed by qualified people, like communicating, reasoning, advising, coordinating, developing and decision-making. Who heard about data scientists ten years ago? Now they are the most sought professionals on the job market.
By looking at the trend it is obvious, that there will be a significant shift in skills in demand on the job market. The most important feature is that everybody needs a special and flexible skillset. Getting a degree is one way to success. However, workers without higher education will also regularly need additional training. Whatever is your choice about your future, one thing is sure, you can’t get away without studying.
Good news: your skillset is not confined to academic achievement. Don’t give way to despair if your scores are not the best. Studies show that academic achievement is not the best marker for success. Learn effective communication and interpersonal skills. Learn English. Learn how to learn by yourself with the help of good sources. It will pay off.
Learning Port Interactive is a bilingual self-learning material. Even if you don’t dream about college, it makes sense to improve your self-learning skill and English, too, for a promising future.