LPSR Science


Year 1 - Revised KSSR


  • Living Things And Non-Living Things Around Us
  • Humans, Animals and Plants are Living Things
  • Take a Breath
  • Living Things Need Food and Water
  • Living Things Move
  • Living Things Reproduce
  • Living Things Grow
  • Differences between Living and Non-Living Things
  • Tall or Short, Fat or Thin, Big or Little?
  • What do You Need to Live?
  • Give Me Shelter
  • Basic Needs of Living Things


  • Human Body Parts and the Senses
  • Use your Senses
  • Use Your Senses to Classify Things
  • Senses Help Each Other


  • Animals Are Different
  • Importance of Animals' Body Parts
  • Examples of the Body Parts of Different Animals
  • We Have Same Body Parts


  • Plants-Identify My Parts
  • Do I have a Flower?
  • Soft or Hard Stem?
  • Look at My Roots!
  • Look at My Veins
  • All Plants Parts Are Important
  • Do Different Plants Have Different Parts?


  • Magnets in Our Lives
  • What Shape is this?
  • Incredible Magnets
  • Magnets Pull and Repel
  • Magnets are Strong!


  • Can You Absorb?
  • Which Object Absorbs Water?
  • Which Can Absorb More?
  • Absorption is Important
  • Waterproof-You are Important?
  • Make Me Wet, or Make Me Dry

Earth and Space

  • Our Beautiful Earth
  • Is this Garden Soil, Clay or Sand?
  • What does this Type of Soil Contain?
  • Where is the Soil Hiding?


  • Basic Shapes
  • Basic Solid Shapes?
  • Design and Build
  • The Importance of Various Forms of Solid Shapes

Year 2 - KSSR


  • What do We Need to Live?
  • What Keeps Us Alive?
  • Your Energy, Growth and Health
  • Why do I Need to Eat this?
  • You are What You Eat
  • Let's Live a Healthy Life!
  • Eat Like your Life Depends on It!
  • How did I Get so Big?
  • Are We the Same or Different?


  • What do Animals Need to Live?
  • An Animal's Basic Needs are Important
  • Animals and What They Eat
  • Who Eats What?
  • Where do the Animals Live?
  • We Need Each Other
  • We Love the Animals
  • Giving Birth or Laying Eggs?
  • How do Animals Grow?
  • Animals and the Young
  • Watch the Animals Grow
  • How do Animals Move?
  • Animals on the Move


  • What do Plants Need to Live?
  • What Keeps Plants Alive?
  • We Love Plants
  • How do Plants Grow?

Light and Electricity

  • I See the Light!
  • Do you See What I See?
  • Follow my Shadow
  • What If There Was No Light?
  • Shadow Games


  • Let's Read the Manual
  • Let's Identify the Components
  • Let's Select the Components
  • Let's Build the Model
  • Let's Sketch the Models
  • Describe What You Built
  • Let's Take It Apart
  • Put the Building Set Away

Year 2 - Revised KSSR

Scientific Skills

  • Observing
  • Classifying
  • Measuring and Using Numbers
  • Communicating
  • Manipulative Skills

Science Room Rules

  • Understand and Adhere to Science Room Rules


  • Human Reproduction
  • I Grow
  • Different Growths among Individuals
  • Inheritance


  • Animal Reproduction
  • Lay a Few Eggs, Lay Many Eggs
  • A Few Young, Many Young
  • Life Cycle of Animals
  • We are Similar, We are Different


  • The Importance of Plants
  • Basic Needs for Seeds to Germinate
  • A Plant's Growth
  • Stages of Plant's Growth
  • Basic Needs for a Plant's Growth

Light and Dark

  • Sources of Light
  • Light and dark
  • Shadows
  • Clarity of Shadow
  • The Shadow Play

Electric circuit

  • Identifying Components in An Electric Circuit
  • Functions of the Electrical Components
  • Building an Electric Circuit
  • Why Doesn't the Bulb Light Up?
  • Conductors and Insulators


  • Methods to Separate a Mixture
  • Soluble and Insoluble Materials
  • Materials that Dissolve More Quickly


  • Natural Sources of Water
  • Water Flows
  • Natural Water Cycle
  • Air
  • Moving Air

Building Set

  • My Choice of Building Set
  • Identifying Components
  • Junior Engineer
  • I am Creative
  • Disassemble and Store

Year 3 - KSSR


  • Incisor, Canine, or Molar?
  • Cut, Tear, or Chew?
  • From Milk Teeth to Permanent Teeth
  • Tooth Structure
  • Making a Healthy Smile


  • Animals Body Cover
  • Animals' Body Parts
  • Giving Birth or Laying Eggs
  • Animals' Habitats
  • How can You Tell Animals Apart?
  • What is this Animals?
  • What do Animal Eat?
  • Animal Teeth
  • Comparison of Teeth


  • Plants-Identify My Parts
  • Soft or Hard Stem?
  • Look at My Roots
  • Do I have a Flower?
  • Do I have Fruit?
  • Where do Plants Grow?
  • Baby Plants
  • Types of Plants
  • What is this Plant?
  • We Need Plants


  • What Shape is the Magnet?
  • Magnetic Action
  • Can Magnets Pull Me?
  • Am I Magnetic?
  • Is this Magnet Strong or Weak?
  • Magnets Attract and Repel
  • Where Are the Magnets?
  • Let's Play with Magnets


  • Can You Absorb?
  • Can I Absorb or Not?
  • Am I Absorbent?
  • Which can Absorb More?
  • Am I Waterproof or Not?

Earth and Space

  • Clay, Sand or Garden Soil
  • Flow Through the Soil
  • Which Soil for Which Plant?


  • Pick a Building Set
  • Let's Read the Instruction Manual!
  • Let's Select and Identify the Components
  • Let's Build the Model
  • Let's Sketch the Models
  • The Motions of the Model
  • Describe what We Built
  • Let's Take it Apart
  • Put the Building Set Away