Upto 35% off on purchases of more than 6 items in one transaction.

Example of Single Subject Pricing

Total: RM69.80
Year 1Bahasa Melayu(Lessons)RM39.90
Year 1Bahasa Melayu(Question Bank)RM29.90

Total: RM69.80

Example of Single Year All Subjects Pricing

Form 1
Total: RM311.65
Form 1Bahasa Melayu(Lessons)RM39.90
Form 1English(Lessons)RM39.90
Form 1Maths(Lessons)RM39.90
Form 1Science(Lessons)RM39.90
Form 1Sejarah (Lessons)RM39.90
Form 1Bahasa Melayu(Question Bank)25% offRM22.43
Form 1English(Question Bank)25% offRM22.43
Form 1Maths(Question Bank)25% offRM22.43
Form 1Science(Question Bank)25% offRM22.43
Form 1Sejarah(Question Bank)25% offRM22.43

Total: RM311.65