Is Technology the Right Tool for Critical Thinking?


Author: Dolores

Instructional designer
Personalization with artificial intelligence is great. Strangely enough, it gives me all the videos with puppies and kittens on Youtube. Until I search for quantum mechanics…
I am reading about Declara, a learning platform. It uses artificial intelligence, predicting and automatically recommending the right content tailored for each individual. They are way ahead of my company in technology, I feel envy for a moment. Only for a moment.
Artificial intelligence tells the students what to do next without justification. The users have no idea why they do what they do. Everything is auto-corrected, saving users from mental efforts. They see only the next step but not the winding road.
It also takes learning style into consideration, visual learners get more images while kinaesthetic learners can do more interactivities. There is only one problem with it; psychology recently debunked the theory of different learning styles. The learning style depends on the content. On the other hand, there is no point to reinforce one learning style. People have to make sense of any type of content in life. You can’t ask more images when you don’t understand something.
Artificial intelligence navigates the students and auto-corrects every step. Why I have a feeling that it goes against developing analytical and critical thinking? Why not leave it to the students what and how they want to do?