Welcome to our blog. This blog is for parents, teachers, tutors and students who want to support each other.


Here you can find answers to questions as simple as what is e-learning. How will my child benefit from using e-learning? How can I support my child? Why is this e-learning platform better than any other one? Where can I find more information? How do Learning Port Modules align with the curriculum?

Teachers and Tutors

Blogs include the latest in technology, lesson plan ideas, musings about e-learning, and what is happening in the world of education.  You can find links to supplement your lessons. You can read about some of the many ways that you can use Learning Port products in and out of the classroom. Posts will also include articles about how to prepare students for higher education in the 21st-century.


Look here for tips on how to prepare for exams or classroom tests. Find out which of our modules will help you understand lessons taught in your classroom. We may even throw in some games and jokes.