Who uses Interactive Textbooks?

Students, teachers, tutors, parents, and tuition centres.

Students use Interactive Textbooks to engage in learning by watching videos, problem-solving, completing exercises, testing their knowledge through mini-games, and monitoring their progress. Students use Interactive Textbooks at home, in tuition centres, on their desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Teachers and Tutors use Interactive Textbooks because it is curriculum-based. Interactive Textbooks supports their lesson plans with multimedia. Teachers use modules to reinforce what they teach. They either use modules to cover an entire concept, or they can use parts of a module to supplement a lesson. Instead of having to search for material to support their lessons, teachers find the material they need in Interactive Textbooks.

Parents Interactive Textbooks replaces costly tutors. Interactive Textbooks has a tracking feature so parents can monitor their children’s progress.

Tuition centres use Interactive Textbooks to provide students with a research-based practical approach to achieving academic excellence. Interactive Textbooks replaces the rote approach to mastering subject matter.