UPSR 1.4.1 Learning Port Lesson Plan: The Human Respiratory Organs

adapted by Elizabeth Goodhue


After studying the UPSR unit for homework, students will gather information about the respiratory organs and share it with the class in a roundabout game.


  • Identify the structure of the human respiratory system
  • Describe the process of inhalation and exhalation
  • Describe the breathing mechanism


  • LP module on The Human Respiratory Organs: 1.4.1
  • Balls
  • Computer access on any device for each student to use LP 1.4.1

Activities and procedures

Warm Up

Create a riddle for your classmates to answer for one part of the respiratory system that you studied last night. For example, I protect the lungs. I am made up of sets of 12. I am connected to the spine. What am I? Answer: The Rib Cage.

Share riddles with the class

Class procedure

  1. Organize students into groups of six sitting in a circle.
  2. Shuffle the Respiratory Relay cards and give one to each student
  3. Explain: Today we are going to see exactly how the HRS works.
  4. Each one of you will get a Respiratory Relay Card.
  5. Each card has a part of the human respiratory system written on it.
  6. Write notes about the part of the HRS on the back of your card.
  7. Each student reads his/her card and to describe where the part fits into the breathing process.
  8. Toss the ball from person to person to match the order that oxygen would travel inside the body as we inhale.
  9. Start with the trachea, move to the…. to the… in the order that we inhale.
  10. As each person gets the ball, s/he says the body part on his/her card and throws the ball to the body part that comes next in the inhalation process.
  11. Do this a few times.
  12. Collect the cards, reshuffle and redistribute for each group.
  13. Repeat the process.
  14. Now try this! What happens to the order of the toss if we are exhaling?

After some practice, turn on the lights for inhaling, turn off the lights for exhaling.  Can your group keep your ball in the air, in the right order for one minute?

Have students complete the following sentence: “The [human respiratory system] is like _______ because _______.”