29 Lessons
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Form 5
Number Bases
  • Number Bases
  • Conversion of Number Bases
Graphs of Functions
  • Graphs of Linear and Constant Functions
  • Graphs of Quadratic and Cubic Functions
  • Graphs of Reciprocal Functions
  • Linear Inequalities in Two Unknowns
  • Simultaneous Linear Inequalities
Transformation III
  • Combination of Two Isometric Transformations
  • Combinations of Two Transformations
  • Equivalent Transformations
  • Introduction to Matrices
  • Operations on Matrices
  • The Inverse Matrix
  • Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations by Using Matrices
  • Direct and Inverse Variations
  • Joint Variation
Gradient and Area under a Graph
  • Gradient of a Graph
  • Area under a Graph
Probability III
  • Probability o the Complement of an Event
  • Probability of Combined Events
  • Solving Problems Involving Probability II
  • Bearing and Compass Directions
  • Solving Problems Involving Bearing
Earth as a Sphere
  • Longitude and Latitude
  • Location of a Place
  • Distance along a Meridian and the Equator
  • Distance between Two Points along the Equator
  • Solving Problems Involving Points on the Surface of the Earth
Plans and Elevation
  • Plans and Elevation

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