45 Lessons
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Form 4
Scientific Investigation
  • Methods in Scientific Investigation
  • Scientific Attitudes and Noble Values
Body Coordination
  • Body Coordination
  • The Human Nervous System
  • The Neurone
  • Nervous Coordination and the Role of Proprioceptors
  • The Human Brain
  • Hormonal Coordination in the Body
  • Coordination between the Nervous System and the Endocrine System
  • The Effects of Drug Abuse and Alcohol on Body Coordination and Health
Heredity and Variation
  • Cell Divisions
  • Principles and Mechanisms of Inheritance
  • Sex Determination and Occurrence of Twins in Human Beings
  • Mutation
  • Variation among Living Things
  • Effects of Genetic Research and the Code of Ethics
Matter and Substance
  • Changes in the State of Matter
  • Structure of Atoms
  • Proton Number and Nucleon Number in Atoms
  • Classification of Elements in the Periodic Table
  • Properties of Substances
  • Properties and Uses of Metals and Non-metals
  • Methods of Purifying Substances
  • The Existence of Various Substances and Their Uses
Energy and Chemical Changes
  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Heat Change in Chemical Reactions
  • The Reactivity Series of Metals
  • Application of the Concepts of Reactivity Series of Metals
  • Electrolysis
  • Production of Electrical Energy from Chemical Reactions
  • Light and Chemical Reactions
  • Efficient and Eco-friendly Energy Use
Nuclear Energy
  • Radiation and Radioactive Substances
  • Radioisotopes and Their Uses
  • Production of Nuclear Energy
  • The Need for Proper Handling of Radioactive Substances
Light, Colour and Sight
  • Formation of Images by Plane Mirrors and Lenses
  • Formation of Images by Optical Instruments
  • Light Dispersion and Scattering
  • The Addition and Subtraction of Coloured Lights
  • The Effect of Mixing Pigments
  • Importance of Colour in Daily Life
Chemicals in Industry
  • Alloys
  • Production and Uses of Ammonia
  • Effects of Industrial Waste Disposal on the Environment

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