Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Port Interactive is a comprehensive learning system that helps users improve their exam scores while having fun learning. It covers the Malaysian curriculum from Year 1 to Form 5. There are three components to Learning Port Interactive: My Lessons, Question Banks and My Guru.

Go to learningport.com.my

  • • Click on Buy Now
  • • Provide your details
  • • Add a child and select lessons or question banks
  • • Make your payment via PayPal or iPay88. Both of these services accept Malaysian credit cards.

For further assistance, contact sales@learningport.com.my or call +603-2242 3333.

Once you have bought a package, go to learningport.com.my

  • • Click on Login.
  • • Log in with your child account (not the parent account).
  • • Click on My Lessons.
  • • Choose from the content displayed.

The content is available in either Bahasa Melayu or English.

Learning Port Interactive does not work on Internet Explorer and older versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We recommend latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Learning Port Interactive requires an Internet connection with minimum 3G bandwidth.

Lower Primary, Upper Primary, and PT3 lessons run on any device, including mobile phones. The SPM lessons work on any PC or laptop.

Learning Port Interactive is the most effective way for users to master topics on the Malaysian curriculum. It features high quality, interactive instruction and offers thousands of lessons, questions, animations, games and other activities.

As well as the regular content, Learning Port Interactive features questions banks where users can practice realistic exam questions and receive instant feedback.

Learning Port Interactive is a fully Malaysian made product from Learning Port Sdn Bhd.

Students use Learning Port Interactive at home, in tuition centres, on their desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Teachers use Learning Port Interactive to reinforce what they teach. They either use lessons to cover an entire concept, or they can use parts of a lesson to supplement a classroom lesson. Instead of having to search for material to support their lessons, teachers find the material they need in Learning Port Interactive.

Parents use Learning Port Interactive to replace costly tutors. Learning Port Interactive has a tracking feature so parents can monitor their children’s progress.

Tuition centres use Learning Port Interactive to provide students with a practical approach to achieving academic excellence. Learning Port Interactive replaces the rote approach to mastering subject matter.