Choose the Easy Way to Learn English Words


Author: YK Lim

SME, English
Unless you are a polyglot (a person who can speak and use several languages), learning a language requires effort. Language learning is a skill and everyone can learn a new language if they put in enough effort. Speaking a language requires a certain amount of vocabulary and it is said that with about 2500 to 3000 words, we can understand 90% of everyday English conversations. That makes it less intimidating, doesn’t it? There are many ways a language learner can improve or increase their vocabulary and one of these is the use of antonyms (words having opposite meanings) and synonyms (words having the same meaning). Here are some examples:
1. Antonyms
 arrive  leave
 better  worse
 careful  careless
 dead  alive
 easy  difficult
2. Synonyms
 alike  same
 big  large
 confess  admit
 dear  expensive
 easy  simple
Don’t just make a list like the above. Make sentences and then try to rewrite the sentences by using words with the same or different meanings. Here are two examples:
This novel is so dear.  This novel is so cheap.
I did a simple sum within seconds.  I did a difficult sum within seconds.